Pacific Brook Culture

Parent Information Evening & BBQ

This evening is held early in the school year. This is a great chance to meet other school families over a BBQ dinner. Afterwards, the teachers will give some information about what children will be learning in each class. There is also a time for parents to ask teachers questions as well.

Sports Carnivals

In addition to the weekly PE / Sports lessons, there is a Sports carnival each term. Each term’s carnival is different: • Term 1: Athletics • Term 2: Cross Country • Term 3: Games Day • Term 4: Swimming Prior to the Swimming Carnival in Term 4 all students will be able to participate in swimming lessons from qualified swimming instructors.

Anzac Day

Pacific Brook Christian School takes part in the Muswellbrook ANZAC Day March and Ceremony. This is a way to remember those who have served and sacrificed much for our country.

Book Day Assembly

The Book Day assembly is the culmination of Book Week. It is a colourful time when students can come dressed as a book character, and share in the joy of reading.

Open Day

Open Day is a day when the school is open to everyone. Parents and visitors can come and visit the classes and see some of what the students learn. A lunch is provided and the day will end with an assembly. Open Day is held during Term Two.

TAG Quest

All children have talents, abilities and gifts (TAG). The TAG Quest is a talent show where students can show some of their talents, abilities and gifts in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Presentation Day

The Presentation day is the final day of the school year. During Presentation day students will perform, and receive awards for their work and achievements throughout the school year.