Sport Houses 2022 PBCSAfter considerable prayer and discussion, the Pacific Group of Christian Schools has decided to introduce two new patrons so that we have House Groups or Tribes represented by both male and female missionaries whose Christian journey and experience resonates with the vision that is at the core of the culture we are seeking to nurture in our schools. Each Patron lived out what it means to put their faith in action by using their gifts to honour God and to serve others. So, from the start of 2022 Carey and Taylor will be replaced with Carmichael and Slessor. And of course, we will still continue with Mueller and Elliot.

Carmichael House (Yellow)

Amy Carmichael was born in Northern Ireland before being called by God to serve as a missionary in India from 1897-1951. Amy ‘s life was marked by a simple, determined obedience to God. Her story and legacy are stunning reminders of the impact of one person who dedicates their life to God in service of others. Driven by love and compassion she lived out her faith against the cruel barriers of India’s caste system, establishing an orphanage that would save vulnerable children from being sold into slavery.

Mueller House (Red)

George Mueller was born in England in 1805 before dedicating his life to Christ at the age of 20. He became an ordained minister and was led to build no less than five orphanages that cared for 10,000 homeless children. He also started 117 schools which offered Christian education to over 120,000 students. Stretched for resources George Mueller resolved that he would never ask a person for help, relying solely on prayer to God to provide for their needs. His life was a wonderful example of what it truly means to trust God in all circumstances.

Slessor House (Green)

Mary Slessor was born in Scotland in 1848. Responding to God’s call to be a missionary she headed to Africa where she served in what she called a labour of love among the unreached, often treacherous tribes in Nigeria. Braving sickness, danger and death on all sides she became a light of hope as she spread the good news of Jesus while promoting women’s rights and becoming the “White Ma” to entire tribes. Her faith, steadfastness and pioneering spirit characterised her service allowing her to become a contrasting example of the life and freedom found in Jesus Christ.

Elliot House (Blue)

Jim Elliot was born in Portland, Oregon in 1927. At high school he witnessed boldly for the Lord, living out his obedience to Christ every day of his life. He worked with troubled youth and later responded to the call to serve as a missionary in South America. Jim was one of five killed during Operation Auca, in an attempt to evangelise the Huaorani people of Ecuador. He only lived 29 years but lived by his own credo written in college in 1949. “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”.