It’s National Reconciliation Week!

Reconciliation Week 2020Today marks the start of National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June 2020). This annual celebration is a time for reflection, discussion, and action. It highlights the powerful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture, while encouraging all Australians to build respectful relationships within the community and grow as a nation.

To open the week Cathy Dearden, the Support Aide for Indigenous Students at Pacific Hills Christian School, shared with us that her hope for this week is to amplify Aboriginal Christian voices.

Reconciliation is a journey of friendship. One that needs to be grounded in truth and action. This week’s theme is: In This Together. In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, this theme is more relevant than ever.

We have on display in the OLRC a painted cross that was gifted to our School by Aboriginal Christian Leaders, along with a copy of 'Our Mob God's Story' to encourage you to re-discover God’s Story through the personal faith stories and artwork of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

The above painting, 'So Loved' by Aunty Glenny Naden, is featured in the book and is a moving artwork based on the verse John 3:16.

“A favourite verse from Sunday School days on the mission. God loved the world so much that He gave His Son to die that we might have life. The groups on the side of the painting represent the people of the world showing all different countries. The top of the painting is the heavenly realm where God is, and a much-anticipated place for all believers" - Aunty Glenny Naden.

This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme of ‘In this Together’ reminds us to focus on reforming our thinking and our behaviours so that we value and celebrate our ancient past, abound in the blessings of God today, and look forward with hope and confidence to the future as we seek God’s will for each of our lives.

If you’d like additional information on what you can do to create a reconciled Australia we encourage you to read through the resources at and