Bushranger Busted

bushranger 3Notorious bushranger, Feisty Fearsome Fischer (alias teacher Mr Guido Fisher), has been arrested after storming into a classroom and stealing gold and money from students.

The class felt what it must have been like back in the gold rush days of the 1850’s in Australia. The Year 5/6 students had been working hard for weeks to earn an income. They have been playing the Gold Game in which they had to earn a licence to mine for gold (gold painted rocks). When they “struck it rich” they used their gold to buy shops and businesses.

Each student has been keeping a diary of their life “on the goldfields” of Muswellbrook and no doubt the robbery made for an interesting entry. Bushranger Fischer will soon go on trial. Meanwhile, the class is preparing for an 1850’s dress up day.

Bushranger experience