New Library

Pacific brook students readingDid you know that the world's oldest library was built over 3,000 years ago in the ancient Syrian kingdom of Ebla. Did you also know that the newest library in Musswellbrook is at Pacific Brook!

We have converted the church into our library and Ms Wennerborn is doing a fantastic job in canvassing local businesses for their support. To date, Big W and Harvey Norman have indicated they will assist us by supplying books and cushions to sit on.

On the topic of books, Years 3 and 4 have completed a very interesting fiction book about a girl who lived in Hiroshima, in Japan, at the end of World War Two. Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes tells of how she contracted leukemia which was caused by the radiation from the atomic bomb dropped on the city. The students have followed on from that with a much less serious book called Toad Rage. As the title suggests it is about motoring. The central character, Limpy the cane toad, can't understand why humans purposely drive over cane toads.

We look forward to our whole school making a lot of use of our library.
PBCS library