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The Pacific Brook Difference

We provide a caring, safe, nurturing Christian School community for K-10

At Pacific Brook every child matters. As your child completes their education, we help them develop their whole person and become who God made them to be.

Christian Community

Students thrive in our nurturing, supportive and caring community where our Christian values help shape their character and ideals.

Excellence in Education

Excellence shapes our education program. Our dedicated staff ensure excellence in teaching, learning and serving across all grades.

Biblical Worldview

Infusing curriculum learning with a Biblical worldview reminds students of the relevance of God in all areas of life.

Learning Opportunities

Enriched learning, student support, wider learning choices through our online learing platform (Pacific Online Christian School) for specialised subjects and extra-curricular activities.

Holistic Development

Our well-rounded education focuses on holistic development: academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth whilst fostering your child’s God-given giftings.

Middle School

Helping Years 5-8 students seamlessly transition and develop into more independent learners in Senior School is the benefit of Middle School.

From our Principal

Sharing the Journey

At Pacific Brook Christian School teachers, staff and parents’ partner and collaborate together to raise up children well. Building valuable relationships and enjoying fellowship is what we value. Together we help students learn they are loved by God as well as their School. We teach them to know God created them with a specific purpose in life and to make good life-choices.