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Holistic Wellbeing

We place great value on every child and provide extensive care for them to help them feel secure and safe in our community.

Students building friendships during group work
Students socialising outside between classes

Specialist Wellbeing

The Pacific Brook Wellbeing team includes a professionally trained Chaplain and an online Counsellor. They strive to create a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment where students know they are valued, supported and heard.
At Pacific Brook, our Regulation Zones are designed and used to teach students how to regulate their behaviour by identifying and learning to manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviour.
As a member of the Pacific Group of Christian Schools, Pacific Brook can access the resources of the Pacific Wellbeing Team. Additionally, we have a connection with the Peacewise organisation to promote student wellbeing. We coordinate the wellbeing needs of students beyond the classroom by collaborating with families and external agencies as required.


Our Wellbeing team understands that it can be challenging for young people to navigate social dynamics. They are well equipped to support students in difficult and challenging circumstances. Our Chaplain and online Counsellor offer guidance and practical strategies for dealing with conflict, building healthy relationships, or developing communication skills. They support students to make positive choices and meaningful connections.

Junior school students playing outside together

Stress Management

Our Wellbeing team is committed to work closely with students and to collaborate with families to provide an integrated network of support. Caring holistically for each child includes stress management strategies to help them navigate academic, relationship and external issues that create pressure.  

Middle school students playing a game

Mental Health

Our Chaplain, pastoral care staff, learning assistants and online counsellor all understand that children of any age can experience a range of mental health issues. Our model affirms that early intervention and prevention is most effective for managing mental health. Our safe community encourages students to talk about issues and receive guidance. Students feel well supported.

A junior school student chatting with the school chaplain

Wellbeing Programs

Children were created to flourish. As they encounter the world, they are faced with many challenges. Early education programs help them make good choices for life. Pacific Brook Junior School students enjoy a visit from Healthy Harold with LifeEd to empower children to make important, lasting healthy choices for their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. The program teaches them cybersafety, drugs and alcohol risks and protective behaviour.