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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school offer personal tours?

Yes, it would be our pleasure to show you around our School campus and to discuss a Christian education with you. You can meet our staff and understand how we holistically care for and nurture our students. Click below to register for your personalised tour.

How do I apply to enrol my child?

Applying to enrol your child is simple and seamless. Use the following link to access our online application form and follow the straightforward steps to apply.

Do I have to be a Christian or attend church to enrol my child?

No. We embrace families from varying backgrounds and faiths, including those who are not churchgoers. However, all families with children enrolled at Pacific Brook are required to support and respect the Christian beliefs and values.

It is a requirement for Pacific Brook to deliver all teaching in alignment with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines. However, as a distinctly Christian school, the curriculum is taught and framed by the Christian worldview and through a Biblical lens.

What is the entry age for kindergarten?

Your child can commence Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year so long as they have turned 5 on or before 31 July the year they are enrolled to start. This is a requirement of New South Wales where it is mandatory for children to commence school by their 6th birthday.

If you are considering when you should commence your child’s formal education, it is important to consider that children all learn and develop at different paces and in varying ways. You should consider the readiness of your child from an emotional, academic and social perspective. Our dedicated teachers are here and ready to welcome your child to our school as the commence their educational journey in our Christ-centred learning community, where they will be treated as valuable human beings, nurtured and encouraged to develop their God-given capacity to learn and develop as a person, academically and relationally.

Will ther be an orientation before my child starts?

Each child who commences at the beginning of a school year (except students in grades 6 and 8) will be invited to an Orientation Day. Families will be contacted prior to the orientation date with details of the event.

What are the school office opening hours?

The Pacific Brook office opens at 8:30am and closes at 4:00pm

What extra-curricular options are available?

As a small, local School, Pacific Brook has limited extra-curricular options. Our Creative Arts extra-curricular activities include violin and guitar lessons. The Sporting extra-curricular activities include Basketball and Touch Footy.

As part of extended learning beyond the curriculum through extra-curricular opportunities our students gain rich experiences in-class and at external events that help build their character and develop their ‘soft skills’. These tailored opportunities cater for diverse age groups and personality styles within our student body.

What transport options are available?

Pacific Brook is accessible by car, public bus and bike:

  • Many families prefer to drive their children to Pacific Brook to be dropped off and collected at our ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone.
  • Pacific Brook is a local school which allows many children to ride their bikes to our campus and enjoy the exercise along the way.
  • Public bus services are available through Osborns and Howards.

For further information visit our transport page.

Do you teach specialised subjects in senior school?

Yes. Complementing our Senior School faculty is the Pacific Online Christian School which enables us to offer more specialised subjects. Students requiring specific subjects for their HSC to prepare for specific university courses or career paths can study their subjects via Pacific Online. Pacific Online provides 'live' and 'on demand' teacher tuition on a broad range of subjects. Our students can access teacher-led lessons onsite at Pacific Brook or outside School hours.

Where can I get the school uniform?

All uniform requirements are available through Muswellbrook Lowes store who is our uniform supplier.

For further information visit our Uniform page.

Does PAL include structured learning?

Yes. Play And Learn classes provide a structured program that helps children engage and explore regulated learning including pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills. Children are also introduced to the cultural aspects of school life. Their play break with “big school kids” helps them make connections and feel at home in the school environment. Children feel ready to transition to Kindy at the end of the Play And Learn program. 

At what age can my child start PAL?

Your child needs to have turned 4 by the commencement of the PAL Program. They need to be able to go to the toilet independently.

When will the school offer Year 11 and 12 classes?

Our school currently only offers K-10 with the option of studying years 11 and 12 through our online school, Pacific Online Christian School. We do currently provide pathways from year 10 into TAFE and Vocational and Educational Training. It is our intention to one day expand into years 11 and 12 to offer a comprehensive pathway for the final years of school and beyond.


We are here to support you the best way we can. Your general enquiries, concerns and questions are important to us. We would love to connect with you today.