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Kindergarten to Year 4

Junior School at a glance

Monthly Visits to the Town Library for enriching reading experiences
28 +
Visits to the local basketball courts for Junior School sport each year
100 %
of teachers and staff at Pacific Brook Christian School are Christian
80 %
of Junior School students participate in arts or music programs
20 +
Hot Chocolates enjoyed each week by Junior
School students

Learning and discovery

Christian Community

Your child will understand their personal value and sense of belonging in our caring community. As they build connections, they will form meaningful friendships.

Solid Foundations

Children will enter a new world of learning and discovery and be introduced to God’s Word. Our dedicated teachers have a passion to teach effectively and seek to nurture each child and guide them in their educational journey with lots of encouragement along the way. Our aim is to help students grow their abilities, shape their character and use their personal, God-given giftings to positively impact the school and local community as they learn to serve.

Serving Our Community

Children develop as they learn to serve others and take on responsibilities. At Pacific Brook we encourage children to take every opportunity to serve which helps them grow in wisdom, courage and compassion. We teach that serving begins at home and it can extend to helping the Muswellbrook community. We also provide a variety of opportunities at School in which they can selflessly support their peers.

students in the classroom, eagerly raising their hands to answer a question
Students using the monkey bars, engaging in physical activity and play

Holistic Educational Foundation

Learning paths that are age-specific and meaningful, keeping students engaged

NSW Curriculum

Junior School offers a tailored and well balanced NESA-based curriculum that nurtures creativity, problem-solving, and personal confidence development, ensuring a holistic educational foundation for students.

Christian Education

Learning at Pacific Brook is shaped by a Biblical worldview. We believe each child has inherent worth, uniquely created by God with the capacity to learn, develop and discover the purposeful future God has planned for them. Our teachers are pastoral and care for our students. We connect our Christian beliefs, values and conduct to curriculum learning.

Interested in Learning More?

We invite you to book an appointment with our Registrar to discuss the many benefits of enrolling your child.


Positive Behaviour in Schools

Pacific Brook implements the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as a whole-school model designed to encourage your child’s academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth.

Effective Learning

PBIS is focused on creating a positive and effective learning environment for all students. It involves setting clear behavioural expectations, teaching social skills and using positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour.

Proactive Teaching

This program aims to prevent problem behaviours by proactively teaching and supporting positive behaviours, while also providing targeted interventions for students who may need additional help.


Through collaboration between educators, parents, and the community, PBIS promotes a consistent and supportive approach to behaviour management, fostering a safe and productive school experience for every child.


Pacific Brook Christian School has partnered with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) to implement this program over a three year period. Staff are involved in training and development so we can support our students to be the best version of themselves.

We also utilise PeaceWise Kids which is a Christian-based program that helps young children build better relationships with their peers and resolve conflict in a healthy way. It helps them to understand relationships in a Christian framework.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

- MATTHEW 5:16

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the School offer personal tours?
Yes, it would be our pleasure to show you around our School campus and to discuss a Christian education with you. You can meet our staff and understand how we holistically care for and nurture our students. Click below to register for your personalised tour.
Do we have to be Christians to enrol?
No. We embrace families from varying backgrounds and faiths, including those who are not churchgoers. However, all families with children enrolled at Pacific Brook are required to support and respect the Christian beliefs and values. It is a requirement for Pacific Brook to deliver all teaching in alignment with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines. However, as a distinctly Christian School, the curriculum is taught and framed by the Christian worldview and through a Biblical lens.
Where can I get the school uniform?

All uniform requirements are available through Muswellbrook Lowes store who is our uniform supplier.

For further information visit our Uniform page.