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Team Building

Sporting opportunities that suit students of varying age and ability is an important part of Pacific Brook’s educational program. Students can progress from the classroom to state level competition.

Students taking part in a cross-country run
Pacific Brook students at the athletics carnival, capturing the spirit of friendly competition

Beneficial to All

Part of our weekly sports program for Kindy to Year 10 includes Physical Education classes which help promote physical activity for our students. These sessions cultivate crucial movement concepts, skill development, teamwork and communication. Students are enabled to discover new skills and build on their inherent talent.

Pacific Brook provides a variety of individual and team-based sports including Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Badminton, Squash and Slide Hockey.

Students actively participating in a football game, displaying teamwork and sportsmanship.

Sports Pathways

Sporting pathways offered by the Christian Schools Sport Association and Combined Independent Schools provide opportunities for your child to compete at more competitive inter-school sporting events. Students in Year 4-10 can participate in competitive sport such as Athletics, Swimming and Cross-Country. Students who are selected attend trials as well as gala days where students or whole teams are nominated to compete at CSSA events. Outstanding students may qualify and be selected for CIS tournaments.

A student in the pool at the school swimming carnival

Brook Clans/Houses

Students in K-10 are organised into sporting clans: Elliot and Mueller. Participating in their Brook Clans, students enjoy a team spirit and find camaraderie. Students participate in competitive events such as swimming, athletics and cross-country throughout the year. Simultaneously, Year 5-10 students participate in round-robin type sports and accumulate points for their sporting clan. At the end of the School year, points are totalled and the winning clan/house is named Pacific Brook Sports Clan Champion house.

Students playing soccer at school

In Community

At Pacific Brook we value holistic student development and understand the integration of competitive sports and physical activity contributes to better health. Across K-10 students enjoy discovering and developing their natural gifts and learn to strive for personal excellence. Sport in community fosters a team spirit, mutual respect, humility, collaboration, common goals and the opportunity to encourage and build up the achievements of peers.

NSW Government Sport in Schools funding 

We are assisted by NSW Government Sport in Schools funding which is a fantastic initiative aimed at enhancing physical activity and sports participation among our students. This grant has empowered us to further enrich our sports programs, providing our students with increased opportunities for active and healthy lifestyles. We've been able to offer specialised coaching sessions and purchase new sporting equipment, ensuring that our students not only excel in their academic pursuits but also thrive in the realm of sports and physical well-being. This grant aligns perfectly with our School's commitment to holistic education, fostering teamwork, leadership and a lifelong appreciation for staying active. We're grateful for the NSW Government's dedication to the health and development of our students, and we look forward to an even more dynamic and spirited sports culture at our School.